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MGSW Dip. Couns. AEB

About Me

I love to help my clients improve or develop to their fullest potential. Using a range of tools my express purpose is to provide insight, guidance, comfort, healing and hope.

Having experienced quite profound Angel encounters throughout my life I am dedicated to sharing this knowledge. I believe that Angels are a personalisation of God’s universal love for each individual, irrespective of their religious beliefs, or none. No-one is excluded.

With over 27 years experience of working as a clairvoyant medium my credentials include professional training as a qualified therapeutic counsellor, life coach and image designer. Training as a counsellor (which is always ongoing) has enabled me to bring a deeper level of compassionate understanding and empathy into my consultations.

Earlier in my working life I enjoyed a successful career as a recruitment consultant and also ran an image design consultancy. I co-created an employee telephone helpline and counselling service for a large government agency with over 3,500 employees eligible to use the scheme, and then went on to manage the service for six years. I was also a Samaritan listening; fund raising and speaking volunteer for 10 years and fund raising member of a pioneering team to open the original South Bucks Hospice in High Wycombe, Bucks.

I abide by a code of professional conduct and am a member of the Guild of Spiritual Workers (SWA). I am also a member of The White Eagle Lodge.

I have written and published a guide to developing psychic intuition with spiritual awareness: 'The Seven Essential Keys to Psychic Development'. For a preview and how to obtain a copy please go to Shop.


I have also created a guided meditations album - 'Illumination', which is now available to preview and order via Home from cdbaby, an on-line music store.

My approach to my work is holistic, which to me means recognising the link between spirituality, health and well being. My belief is that no individual, religion or philosophy has the monopoly on spiritual truth and that there are many pathways to God. We are all equal. Through my own experiences and those of others I have discovered that if we will allow ourselves to be guided by a higher power, we can overcome obstacles and achieve so much.

 A client once commented to me that my work 'makes my heart sing'. What would make your heart sing? I think this is a wonderful expression and conveys exactly what I want to help you with, concerning any area of your life. We will do this in the most positive, grounded and realistic way.

I have been aware of the Spirit world since childhood, when my life was rather dramatically saved (for the first time that I was aware of) by my wonderful and I imagine, long-suffering Guardian Angel.

After training for 5 years in a closed development circle, in 1987, along with my husband Tony we began working as mediums, which we continue to do, taking services at Spiritualist Churches.

I have always believed in God, or if you prefer, a Higher Power, and especially the teachings of Jesus, which on a personal level I try to follow, but as I have stated previously I believe and respect that we are all equal, whether we believe in the Divine or not. Following Jesus is my personal choice for my own self-growth. As you can imagine, because I am a medium my beliefs have sometimes been met with a chorus of disapproval from the orthodoxy, or people with deeply held religious beliefs that 'their way is the only way'. However, another of my favourite mantras is 'to thyself be true'. Having encouraged so many others to do so, wouldn’t it be hypocritical of me not to stand up for my own beliefs? Even if you don’t believe in God I believe the principles of Christianity are an excellent blueprint of how to live your life to its fullest potential.

Public speaking is another aspect of my life. Along with platform work I present discovery talks, workshops and 'Connecting with Angels' seminars. The seminar includes an inspirational talk (with brief guided meditation) on how to connect with Angels, followed by a demonstration of clairvoyance. See Events for details.

Having overcome considerable challenges and obstacles in my own life my purpose is to help as many people as possible find out how they can help themselves as I have done, by taking a journey of self-discovery – and that includes you!

There is so much more to you than you ever imagined. I will use my my gifts to help you discover yours.