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MGSW Dip. Couns. AEB

Questions and Answers

I have created this page in order to clarify the most often asked questions. If you have any other questions then please do contact me or download my free Guides.

What is Spiritual Counselling? Spiritual Counselling is not religious. A spiritual counsellor aims to help guide people on all types of matters, whether they are spiritual in nature or not. It is a form of service that integrates the whole self - mind body and spirit: the non-physical part of you; your true self; or Higher Self as it is often referred to.

As each person is unique there are many different ways that this can be used. I take my lead from each client to determine how far the spiritual aspect becomes a direct way of working or not. I believe the benefit of spiritual counselling is that it enables you to understand problems by connecting with the part of yourself that you may have been previously unaware of. Linking to your spiritual self can help to reduce many negative emotions. Your spiritual self can help you to act from a place of loving kindness and compassion, not only to yourself, but to others. I believe that kindness and compassion are essential in achieving greater happiness and contentment.

All clients can obtain a sense of release at being able to tell their story to a confidential, compassionate and non-judgmental listener. This may be all they need to gain clarity. Some people simply want clarification of their life path, or to further explore the spiritual. Others may want to learn coping strategies to reduce symptoms of stress or perhaps to make lasting changes to how they approach their difficulties.

My role is a practical and spiritual blend of Counsellor (active listening and deep questioning) and Guide (clairvoyance and mediumship.)

What is Active Listening? Active Listening is a communication technique. It requires the listener to be a sounding board and to provide feedback to what they hear to the speaker, and offer an opinion when the ‘sound’ they hear is ‘off key’.

What is Clairvoyance and Mediumship? Clairvoyance means to ‘see’ clearly, by way of receiving. This is my primary way of communicating with Spirit, but I am also Clairsentient (clear feeling) and clairaudient (clear hearing).

What is the difference between a Medium and a Psychic? As a medium I work on two levels. One is a heightened attunement with the ability to receive messages from the Spirit world. The other at a psychic level.

To clarify the difference: a psychic is sensitive to energy vibrations and receives information from individuals via the auric field (they don’t have to be present) or actually any living thing.

What is Intuition? Intuition is something that we all have in varying degrees, which, with practice can be developed. It is commonly known as our sixth sense, or as ‘the still, calm, or small voice within.’ It is only ever concerned with your well-being and of those around you.

What is Angelology? The study of Angels. Angelology comes from the Greek word ‘angelos’ which means angel; and the Greek word ‘logos’ which means word or study.