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Free download - ‘Seven Powerful Steps to Connect You to Your Inner Guide’

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This is Your Chance to:

Discover the secrets of developing Intuition - your powerful ally and inner power-tool.


Complete with Workbook and audio CD this cost-effective guide to psychic intuition and spiritual awareness is written in a clear and uncomplicated format, filled with information and discovery exercises. These include how to find your most suitable and effective meditation technique and how to sharpen your focus through guided imagery.

Includes one optional 30 minute telephone mentoring session* with me. *The telephone call must be paid for by you and arranged at a mutually convenient time. I work off UK time. GMT.

The course is also ideal for study groups and is a

valuable gift for anyone who is interested in improving

their lives by developing psychic intuition and

spiritual awareness.

“I thought it was excellent! I have read a huge amount

 of books on the subject and normally only glean a few

interesting bits from each whereas your book has

everything all in one place and some great exercises to

start the work of developing intuition". (JW, email)

“This book will be of interest to anyone wanting to

explore or heighten their psychic potential and offers

a great start for those starting on their psychic journey”.

(Psychic World, Book Review).

To see a free preview of the course, 'The 12 Benefits of Psychic Development' please click here to download your copy.


GBP 10.00

In hard copy with audio CD. 100 pages. 16cm x 23.5 cm approx.

FREE Postage & Packing worldwide

*CAUTION/DISCLAIMER I am advised that for your protection this psychic development course should not be used by those who have been diagnosed with any form of mental illness or who suffer from clinical depression, unless medically advised. The course is only available to people of 18 years or over.

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Guided meditation is a powerful tool for bringing

peace, healing and insight into your life. It is also

one of the easiest ways to learn and experience

meditation. A guided meditation can release the

power of your imagination, to help you create the

changes you wish to make in your life.

The following meditations have been set to beautiful

and harmonious music. They will help to provide a

solution to conflict and anxiety and have the

potential to overcome and release limitation. Used

regularly they are designed to provide upliftment,

inspiration, renewal and hope. NB: If you have been

diagnosed with any form of mental illness or

personality disorder, please seek advice from your GP before ordering.

Total running time approx. 55.48 min's.

GBP: £8.00 (+/- approx. depending on dollar rate)

To preview tracks and to then order the whole album go to:

Available in MP3, MP3 320 or FLAC Download Format (Refunds cannot be given for downloaded titles)

Track 1. Introduction & Preparation

Track 2. Connecting to your Inner Guide will help you to develop a deep connection to your inner voice - the ultimate guide to wisdom and peace.

Track 3. Meeting Your Animal Spirit Guide will help you to discover a wise teacher, who has come to serve and protect.

Track 4. Rainbow Ladder of Light will connect you to your Guardian Angel, who will take you on an amazing journey of clarity and insight, where you will meet Archangels.

Track 5: The Lighthouse will help you to experience a journey of release, deep peace and potential healing

Royalty free background music (for Tracks 2, 4 & 5) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by

Track 2. A Pure Embrace. Track 4. Heaven’s Gate. Track 5. Celestial Eve.

Track 3: Blue Ocean. Royalty free background music licensed by Silenciomusic.

(Recommended by The Guided Meditation Site)


'The Seven Essential Keys to Psychic Development'

'ILLUMINATION - A Guided Meditation'

My Clients say:

“After our discussions, especially the day after, I felt a new awakening had happened. You have definitely inspired me because you have released my creativity and energy”